Sure, it is important to save money and not spend more than I can afford to pay. But with big banks making credit so easy and saying it will be even easier to repay the debt, it is impossible not to get caught in the trap of spending just a little on credit. That little bit of credit quickly becomes an extra monthly expense. If I could afford an extra monthly expense, I would not have needed the credit in the first place. Even pro athletes talk about watching their money. Credit is bad for everyone.

The same banks that trap me with false credit promises then say that I should not consider bankruptcy because it will hurt my credit. Well, credit is what got me into this problem, maybe I would be better off without it. I can still get credit to buy secured assets like a house or a car, but I don’t need some double digit interest on a convenient credit card.

The banks even have the federal government defending their deceptive practices. Bankruptcy is a federal program. Bankruptcy is how the federal government arranged for debt relief. But even on the federal government joins the big banks in bashing bankruptcy. If the worst thing I get out of bankruptcy is bad credit, I had that before. The best part about bankruptcy is that I don’t have to pay the big banks and creditors that got me into this in the first place.

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