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Most people will face financial struggle at some point in their lives. Often, financial distress is the result of an unexpected, life-changing event, such as a divorce, injury or job loss. You may first try to take on sudden burdens with credit cards or loans, but eventually, debts can catch up with you and become ever more difficult to manage and overcome. If you and your family suffer from overwhelming debt, remember that you have rights, options and solutions available to you. Our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys are here to help.

The Arizona Bankruptcy Center focuses exclusively on helping individuals, families and businesses take control of overwhelming debts. We will take the time to review your assets, debts and income, then determine if bankruptcy under Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or another provision of the Bankruptcy Code is the right option for you. In many cases, bankruptcy is a smart, efficient way to reduce or eliminate unwanted debt.

Our attorneys offer a full range of bankruptcy services and can answer your questions about the bankruptcy process and the benefits of hiring an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Many people will hesitate to file bankruptcy because they believe they will be stigmatized or feel that they are "taking the easy way out." Remember that bankruptcy is a legal option, governed by the federal Bankruptcy Code, and designed for the specific purpose of helping consumers like you. Credit card companies and other lenders have their own protections, but when it comes to debt relief, the law is on your side.

Bankruptcy is a complicated process and can quickly become problematic if not appropriately handled by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Any mistakes you make while filing bankruptcy can have an immediate and lasting impact on your financial well-being and your assets. You need experienced support and dedicated counsel to protect your rights.

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